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business intelligence

[Award] VIENNA Advantage wins 2017 ERP Innovation Award from Initiative Mittelstand

Another great achievement this summer for VIENNA Advantage! Following the successful start of this year, and the two awards gained from the Finances Online, we are proud to announce our third award granted by Initiative Mittelstand for “Most Innovative ERP Solution”.

Learn More July 17, 2017
business intelligence

[Award] VIENNA Advantage wins 2017 Rising Star and Great User Experience Award from FinancesOnline!

We are happy to announce that VIENNA Advantage, the first open source ERP/CRM with inbuilt DMS and Business Intelligence System, has become a two-time winner of the following awards given out by the Finances Online experts: the Rising Star 2017 and The Great User Experience.

Learn More July 11, 2017
business intelligence

[New product] Business Intelligence and analytics platform

We are happy to announce that we have successfully released our new product: VIENNA Advantage Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform. Now you can transform your data into rich visualizations and interactive dashboards. This will give you answer to some of the most important questions in your organization. VIENNA Advantage is a web-based BI solution that supports both the analyst and the business user workflows whilst providing the governance IT requires! Check the full overview of the product, click on the link below.

Learn More July 05, 2017

[New module] Advanced Business Partner Segmentation

We are happy to announce that we have successfully released our new “Segmentation Module”. Now you can take more profound decisions based on the business partner data stored in your VIENNA Advantage ERP & CRM system. The Segmentation Tool provides high flexibility which results with ability to model your own segments, rules, and reports. The segmentation result comes in three forms: first it updates the linked “Target List” with business partner, second it generates a log record in the “Log tab” of the Segmentation Window and last it generates an Excel file and attaches it with the log record. Check the full overview of the segmentation module, click on the link below.

Learn More August 05, 2016

[New Industry Template] ERP Solution for Life Insurance Companies

We are happy to announce that we have successfully released a new ERP template for the Life Insurance Industry. VIENNA Advantage Life Insurance ERP solution is a fully-configurable and flexible business suite that will enable you to hit the market fast and easy. Explore the solution by clicking on the link below.

Learn More June 14, 2016

[New Module] Localize your ERP Solution in different languages with our new Translation Management Module

Experience has shown us that our international clients who work in several language environments enjoy productivity improvements and cost reduction each time we provide a new language localization for them. Because of this, we have developed a flexible and powerful tool that allows organizations to translate their ERP system in as much languages as they need in a simple and automated process. Check benefits of our Translation Management Module and watch video tutorial. Click on the link below.

Learn More August 24, 2015

Why VIENNA Advantage was chosen as one of the 20 most promising Open Source ERP Solutions in the world?

The last few months were quite busy for VIENNA Advantage team! Lots of great things have happened! Now, we are happy to announce that VIENNA Advantage was shortlisted in the "20 Most Promising Open Source ERP Solutions in the world". This recognition was issued by "The ERP Insights Magazine". Click on the button below to read the interview with our CEO, Atul Dua.

Read full article July 20, 2015

FREE TRIAL: Web and Cloud-based ERP/CRM with HTML5 User Interface

We are happy to announce that we have successfully released the new HTML5 version of VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM available on-premises and on-cloud. Enjoy the intuitive and modern design, as well as productivity improvements!
Experience our ERP/CRM cloud version for FREE!
Start Your 30-Days Free Trial, and get free support as well.

Register June 8, 2015

Limited Offer: VIENNA Advantage DMS for FREE

We are celebrating our 10 years anniversary this month, and because of that we would like to share a great news with you! Now, only for a limited time you can download VIENNA Advantage DMS on HTML5, Professional Edition, and get perpetual license for up to 25 users in your company FREE for a LIFETIME. This offer is limited and last only 10 days! So hurry up and follow the downloading instructions.

March 4, 2015

Experience the best user interface developed on HTML5!

As an innovative and future-oriented company, Vienna Advantage is happy to announce that starting from the beginning of this year all our products will be supporting the HTML5 technology. What does the HTML5 technology bring, in general, to the VIENNA Advantage users? HTML5 opens a complete new world of possibilities for the users. It is light, runs on all devices and is truly available from anywhere even with a low bandwidth. It is the latest web technology for Web user interface and allows a very good combination of server side processing and client side processing.

Read More February 7, 2015