Why Choose Us?
Here are just a few reasons for choosing Vienna Advantage, the scalable platform for running business processes in the cloud

A real Enterprise level ERP & CRM on the cloud

Vienna Advantage's variety of business applications eliminate the need to invest in costly infrastructure, software licenses, databases, and IT personnel.

Array of features ideal for different business sizes

Vienna Advantage is setting new standards in the cloud with an array of features ideal for both the globally operating organization and the organization that wants to become one. With features like Multi-Currency, Multi-Accounting Standards, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Tenant Abilities, and Workflow Automation, Vienna Advantage easily matches up to any Enterprise Level ERP.

Need to integrate a payroll module after going for a CRM?

Now you can mix your own set of applications by choosing the right modules for your organization's needs. Various choices include Materials Management, Order Management, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Management. These and other modules are all available at convenient pay-as-you-go pricing. Basic features of Vienna Advantage include:

  • Easy to use application, extensive online training, documentation, and webinars.
  • Web and mobile-friendly; usable from wherever your business takes you.
  • The lowest cost in the market of any enterprise level CRM.

Contact us to discuss how your business can benefit from Vienna Advantage. Our knowledgeable staff are here for you to answer your questions personally.