Point of Sales
Enjoy the most attractive POS user interface & features in the industry
VIENNA Advantage Point of Sale is the perfect POS System for your business

Our main goal in VIENNA Advantage is to develop cutting-edge software solutions that will improve and inspire businesses all around the world. We have always delivered the best value for the money solution and our satisfied customers are a testimony to our approach.

VIENNA Advantage understands that your business is your most valuable asset. Therefore, we have developed several pricing models for our Point of Sale Solution, which will cover all your business needs, at different company levels and industries. Our POS system improves productivity and reduces the cost with excellent business processes and workflow. In order to find out more about the pricing models and opportunities, please contact the nearest partner to your location. If there are no current partners for your country, please contact us directly.

POS Frequently Asked Questions


Is VIENNA Advantage POS system integrated with the VIENNA Advantage community edition?

Yes, it runs with the community edition and can be downloaded from the market.

Can I run my POS devices along with the POS extension?

Yes, there are separate modules available that provide standard interfaces to fiscal printers or other devices, such as scales, card readers, etc.

Can the POS run even if the internet connection breaks?

Once connected at login with an internet connection, the data is available for an offline use so that transactions can be executed even while being offline. Data is synced automatically when the user goes back online.

Is the POS System made for any particular retail vertical?

VIENNA Advantage POS runs for a variety of retail verticals such as grocery stores, supermarkets, apparel and footwear stores and many others. Also it supports the expiry date and lot numbers as well as colors, sizes and other variable attributes.

Can I deploy VIENNA Advantage POS on the cloud?

VIENNA Advantage offers you a cloud deployment as well as on premise deployment. You can start immediately with a cloud deployment as an integrated package to the VIENNA Advantage ERP.