Success Stories and Testimonials

A few customers we’ve helped along the way.

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VIENNA Advantage CRM helps HC Meditech to grow its sale.

HC Meditech is a German supplier of Medical Instruments such as single and multi-use laryngoscopes and other medical instruments. HC Meditech supplies to wholesellers and retailers as well as hospitals across Germany. VIENNA Advantage helps HC Meditech to handle its operations from Quote to Invoice and the VIENNA Advantage CRM helps HC Meditech to grow its sale.

HC Meditech

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VIENNA Advantage provides full adaptation to the Italian legal requirements in Accounting

Encodata is a Gold Partner based in Italy, with comprehensive capabilities to implement and customize VIENNA Advantage in Italy. Encodata has localized VIENNA Advantage fully adapting to the Italian legal requirements in Accounting and is very successful in the region.

Encodata Spa

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VIENNA Advantage helps manage resources, invoices and time recording.

Infovision Europe is an IT Service provider based in Berlin that manages its resources, invoices and time recording using VIENNA Advantage. Customer are managed in the system and recurring invoices are generated automatically based on invoice schedules.

Infovision Europe

vienna open source erp crm solution

VIENNA Advantage system interconnects all our companies

KC Group of Companies consists of a large number of companies which are interconnected and managed by a single VIENNA Advantage system for reporting and alerting. A dashboard presents the complete picture of the business to the top management and generates alerts on tracked events. KC Group is long associated with VIENNA Advantage and is happy with this long term collaboration.

KC Group

open source erp

Comprehensive management system processes that pair production, administrative management and distribution.

As part of the process improvement and control Mantex's board directors opted for Innovactives and VIENNA Advantage in order to help in the selection and implementation of a comprehensive management system processes pair both production and administrative management and distribution of their products.

Mantex / Innoactives

open source crm

VIENNA Advantage solutions for financial and local legal requirements

CloudSoft is a Gold Partner based in Dubai, UAE. With a strong background in financials and the local legal requirements, Cloudsoft offers strong consulting and is very successful in its market.


Uses VIENNA Advantage to improve their Supply Chain Management

Batir Spa is a chain of food retail stores that offers high quality food items across Italy. Batir uses VIENNA Advantage in its complete Supply chain right from the Cash Counter to the Supplier Management.

Batir Spa

erp solutions

VIENNA Advantage gave us the comfort of using a common DMS application, across our 25 group-companies.

As a company catering to comprehensive IT needs of our group-companies and external clients, ICT Africa often encounters organizations using isolated software applications and fragmented information sharing. VIENNA Advantage gave us the comfort of using a common DMS application, across our 25 group-companies. Rapid remote deployment of the secure application, responsive online support team, quick set-up of users and roles, training made easy by the simple interface, all together, made this project stress-free and pleasant for me and my team. Completion of a project in a matter of days seemed unheard of until now.

- Hariharan Iyer, CEO, ICT-Africa, Ramco Group, Kenya

ICT Africa

open source

VIENNA Advantage DMS for efficient Enterprise Document Management

Deshpande Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Hubli, Karnataka, India, hosts activities in the Hubli Sandbox, a project by Deshpande Foundation, uses VIENNA Advantage Document Management System to efficiently store, classify and manage their documents.

- Deshpande Foundation, India,

Deshpande Foundation

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Best value for money ERP, CRM and DMS on the market

We found VIENNA Advantage as an excellent value for money software. Because all three solutions (ERP, CRM and DMS) are integrated in one, we did not have to worry about the traditional integration challenges associated with providing a complete solution. Some excellent vertical solutions for specific industries excel implementation time and lower implementation costs. Customization and extendibility of the solution are also easy and cost effective to implement.

Tertius B Owner

software advice

ViennaAdvantage is a versatile ERP/CRM/ DMS /POS system

VIENNA Advantage is a comprehensive ERP system with all integrated modules which any industry is seeking for. Its HTML5 frontend helps to use this software in MAC and any device which has browsing capability. Customizing the forms and reports doesn't require any programming knowledge. Good implementation support from the vendor. Unlike many open source ERP, VIENNAAdvantage ERP open source is controlled by the vendor which ensures the reliability of the source published.

Raju K. CloudsoftComputer Trading LLC


g2crowd logo

Great company, terrific product! A team of world class technicians and support personnel.

VIENNA Advantage is extremely powerful right out of the box. It can be deployed via the cloud, on-site, or a hybrid of both. But the real secret of Vienna is it extendibility. From creating custom modules, dashboards, even KPI's without coding, to its built in report creator, Vienna is built to go anywhere you organization desires.

- Trent D. CEO at Artios Technologies

Artios Technologies

open source ratings

Easiest Product to Work With

This is a solid ERP solution for any company. The ease of use is the best part about it!

Wires International WLL

open source crm

VIENNA Advantage is “The Opensource ERP”, everything you’ll ever need.

All included, easy to use and scalable. The ERP is quite simple but powerful taking to the users to a whole new ways to administer a Company ina very modern an seamless way thru the digital style.

EstefaníaLópez, Confident Staffing Inc.

Confident Staffing Inc.

open source crm erp solutions

VIENNA Advantage, an ERP with lots of extended features within itself

Being a consultant, here are a few best thing which I like the most in VIENNA Advantage as compared with any other Tier-I ERP:

  1. Set extra task assignments apart from the workflow defined for a document.
  2. Create different types of reports with drill down and drill through functionality.
  3. Enables users to chat each other with reference to the document they have subscribed.
  4. Real time synch with your outlook/ Google contacts and appointments.
  5. Saving locations using Google map - this helps to locate and reach out quickly to the Business Partners resulting reduced cost and time.

-Muneer PM M. Senior Consultant and Project Manager (ERP, Infor EAM, and BPM)


erp crm solutions

Very good. I am using VIENNA Advantage for the last 6 months anf I’m quite impressed with the product

The development platform is excellent. More than 80% of the application can be built by business users with some knowledge of SQL and basic knowledge of software development. Standard ERP & CRM modules provided by VIENNA are very flexible and can be very easily configured to your specific needs.The support from the VIENNA team has been excellent. The boys are very knowledgeable about the product, quick to respond, very patient and courteous.

-Sudesh G. Principal, Vindhya Systems

Vindhya Systems