open source erp development framework
Developed passionately and updated regularly
VIENNA Advantage App Development Framework will easily expand your system existing functionalities and will improve your business

Scalable Architecture

Create new modules without coding

VIENNA Framework makes it quite easy to add new objects, attributes without any coding. The base can be enhanced by separate modules that are available in the Market. In this manner, you can model your system in a way that best suits your business needs. Easily create systems such as: ERP, CRM, Human Resource Management, Asset management, Project management, and many more.

High Performance

Technology & Infrastructure

VIENNA Framework uses, HTML5 and jQuery technologies, wrapping them in a user friendly dashboard for data management and maintenance. Additionally, we are making the UI suitable for all mobile devices, improving the user experience by maximizing the use of the new technology and UI concepts. Our system is always supported by the latest technologies and updates.


Fully extendable, customizable

You can create your suitable views and forms. The system has set a default layout and view, but you can expand it or change it according to your real use requirement. Create system tools and modules to your preferences. Join Developer Program today. It’s completely FREE!


An open source system

VIENNA Framework provides users with an open, transparent operation mode. Our open source scripts and transparent development technology add value and trust between customers and our system. By choosing VIENNA Framework YOU will gain the most benefits with the least costs.


Works well with others

VIENNA Framework can be easily connected with different platforms such as: Pentaho, Talend, Mailchimp, Joomla, Magento, Wordpress, Ebay, Paypal, Social Media.


Use it on any device, any place

Many applications could only be used on windows devices, and thus are fraught with limitations. VIENNA Framework can be deployed on screens with different sizes, and you can run it anywhere on any mobile device: mobile phone, laptop, tablet.

Quick Development

Save up to 70% of your time

The platform includes all the tools that allow you to create strong and enterprise business applications without writing too much of code. In this way you can save up to 70% of you time.

Enterprise level Features

Helps you develop enterprise level solutions

Available as white-label and commercial platform, VIENNA Framework includes lots of enterprise level features such as: Report Writer, Windows Composer, In memory Reporting, Scheduler and Advanced workflow and more.

Easy Deployment

Minimal effort needed

Installation and Implementation of the base edition is very simple. Furthermore, you can easily add, remove, modify and develop modules to your preferences with minimal effort.