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About the webinar

Join us for an interactive webinar to get insights into the current and forthcoming capabilities of Yellowfin BI - the Business Intelligence platform for VIENNA Advantage ERP. See how those BI capabilities can be used in customer use cases.

One of the most interesting features that we'll be talking about in this webinar is the "Guided Natural Language Query" or "Guided NLQ". This feature will address one of the most frequently asked questions from customers - the question of self-service analytics.

Webinar agenda:

  • Introduction to VIENNA Advantage and Yellowfin BI
  • Yellowfin BI content on VIENNA Advantage
  • Analytics Self-Service – Create your own report
  • Analytics roadmap and forthcoming innovation

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About the speakers


Richard Convery

Customer Experience
Director for EMEA,
Yellowfin BI


Pratap Singh

Reporting and Application
Dictionary Team Lead,
VIENNA Advantage


Ravi Sinha

Director of Sales,
VIENNA Advantage