VIENNA Advantage Application Development Framework
VIENNA Advantage Application Development FRAMEWORK
An Innovative open source web platform for developing business solutions. Helps users build modules with minimum coding, for rapid development of data-centric business applications.

For a developer

VIENNA Framework ideally suits developers seeking a flexible development environment to expand existing functions of their systems without coding or with minimal coding.

VIENNA Application Development Framework is the right platform for you!

VIENNA Application Development Framework is a ready-to-go platform if you are thinking of developing a custom business application for your company or your customers. It delivers all the required features for an enterprise ready platform out-of-the-box. You don’t need to spend your costly time in developing business applications from the scratch. Simply use the framework and set your functional features on the top. In this way, you can simply focus on your competencies related to the processes. VIENNA App Framework also offers you a number of tools for developing your functional features and saves you up to 70% of your coding time.

The platform includes all the tools that allow you to create strong and enterprise business applications without writing too much of code. Build your custom made ERP and CRM systems, or develop modules to increase the productivity in a company such as HR management, Project management, Store Management and many more.

VIENNA App Framework can be used to develop data centric Business applications. The applications can be really wide spread ranging from simple contact management till complex manufacturing and warehousing systems. Also the open interfaces allow you to link with other existing systems.

Application Framework in html5 erp for developers

Develop and monetize Apps on the VIENNA Advantage Market

After joining VIENNA Advantage Developer Program, you will be equipped with all the necessary tools and documentation for building apps. You have a great idea for a business application? Simply use the tools to develop the apps and place those on the Market to resell to a large customer base and community.

Get started with the developer program and get instant access to a large number of tools and tutorials for developing apps on VIENNA Framework.