VIENNA Advantage Editions
Different Editions For Different Purposes & Business Sizes
Multinational Corporation organization

Enterprise Edition

VIENNA Advantage Enterprise Edition is meant for large and multi-national enterprises as well as Government organizations. Its highly scalable and multi-tenant architecture supports multiple thousand users on a single platform. With VIENNA Advantage Enterprise Edition you can handle a large group of companies operating globally. It is a fully supported edition with a large number of extended features which comes with a paid support subscription. Know more about our Enterprise Edition from our partners.

VIENNA Advantage ERP Solutions Professional Edition

Professional Edition

VIENNA Advantage Professional Edition is a sophisticated and fully supported edition of VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM that is meant for small and medium sized companies who would like to rely on a serious and supported solution for a productive use. Its comprehensive set of features, extensions and partner modules grant access to a large number of localizations, industry specific templates and easy to deploy advanced features. VIENNA Advantage Professional Edition comes with a paid support subscription and is fully supported by partners and VIENNA Advantage.

open source erp

Community Edition

VIENNA Advantage Community Edition is a free edition, meant for developers, technical companies and micro enterprises looking to deploy a basic set of features for their companies. It is unsupported, however largely up-to-date with patches and improvements. It gives you the access to the market and with that a large number of modules and features that can be deployed on that. Also the community edition can be used to create and deploy your own modules.

open source erp market


The VIENNA Advantage Market is the first-of-its-kind market podium that facilitates: Quick upgrading of your system to the latest version, keeping all your customizations safe and secure. Here you will find various free and commercial apps to upgrade your system.