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World Class Document Management System
It’s time to sort your documents!

VIENNA Advantage Document Management System is an Enterprise level DMS.

Its pioneering structural design paired with potential functionality and a considerably impressive and intuitive user interface holds out VIENNA Advantage DMS as an exclusive product in the correlated market. VIENNA Advantage DMS can be installed on premises, on your private cloud or on the Enterprise Cloud offered by VIENNA Advantage. It put forth a comprehensive set of attributes that would meet any type of requirements for your company.

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At the same time its web based mobile client is light enough to run on mobile devices such as tablets and enables you to be in control of your documents from anywhere and still offering you the full power.

VIENNA Advantage is all that you need from a modern, powerful and user friendly Document Management System. It is absolute easy to roll out in your company as the system automatically picks up documents from your existing repositories and index the documents in a structured way. VIENNA Advantage DMS is the first ever enterprise level document management system that is tightly integrated with an ERP and CRM solution.

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