VIENNA Advantage ERP -Community Edition

Despite the commercial approach, VIENNA Advantage remains committed to its community. The Community Edition includes a large set of features which are still unmatched in the open-source sphere. The inbuilt marketplace allows you to obtain additional features and apps.


VIENNA Advantage ERP Editions Comparison

We provide different ERP editions for different business needs and sizes. See a complete comparison between our 4 edition: Enterprise vs Professional vs Cloud vs Community Edition. Choose the one that best fits your organization. They all come with great features.


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Gain access to a numerous resources, trainings and more as a Community Member through our Community Portal. As a community member you will be able to enjoy our professional support for a period of 30 days for free.

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Download VIENNA Advantage Community Edition

The Free Open Source edition of VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, VIENNA Advantage Community Edition is open-source solution licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL). Click here to see the features included in the Community Edition.
VIENNA Advantage uses Microsoft .Net MVC as its programming platform with PostgreSQL and Oracle as database choices. Currently VIENNA Advantage is working on a transition to .Net Core.
Microsoft has been supporting open-source projects in recent years. Microsoft .Net is an object-oriented language which uses the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Visual Studio is available as free download by Microsoft for open-source projects such as VIENNA Advantage Community Edition.
You can subscribe to our Github Project and download the source code. In addition to that you can register in our Community and receive access to technical documentation and other resources.
Yes, you can. However, consider that you will not be eligible to receive support from VIENNA Advantage and its partners while using the community edition. We recommend to use the VIENNA Advantage Professional or Enterprise Edition for your business.
Yes, you can. You have access to all development tools included in the Application Dictionary.
VIENNA Advantage Community Edition is licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL). EPL allows you to develop and distribute your own extensions without having to share the source code. Hence, you can commercialize your development via our marketplace.
As a registered community member you can deploy your extensions at the VIENNA Advantage Market.
You can use the VIENNA Advantage Framework for your own product development. VIENNA Advantage is a commercial and supported platform that includes the VIENNA Advantage technical framework and advanced enterprise-level features. It is more suitable for your product development.
VIENNA Advantage Community Edition comes without commercial support, however currently we provide 30 days free support to registered community members. You can use the Community Portal, documentation, video tutorials and other resources for community support.
You can offer VIENNA Advantage Community Edition to your customers however official Partners only provide services on the commercially supported editions of VIENNA Advantage.