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Despite its commercial approach, VIENNA Advantage remains committed to its community and community version. The community edition includes a large set of features which are still unmatched in the open-source sphere. For those who are interested to deploy the VA Community Edition and use the powerful set of features, our download section offers the setup files. The inbuilt marketplace allows you to obtain additional features which are not included in the base files.

The code of the community edition is fully available for download in our community portal after login. We would be happy to welcome you as part of our strong community counting more than 14000 community members so far. As a community member you will be able to enjoy our professional support for a period of 30 days for free.

Below a choice of useful links to explore the community edition.

download community edition viennaadvantage

Download VIENNA Advantage Community Edition

The Free Open Source edition of VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM.

Case Studies

Learn more about VIENNA Advantage products and solutions from our case study base.

Fashion Industry

Solution for luxury perfume and fashion accessories brand

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Retail Industry

Solution for Retail and Supply Chain Management

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Apparels Industry

Integrated Management Solution for Garments Retail

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Oil & Gas Industry

ERP and CRM solution for multinational industrial and automotive lubricants company

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