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Partnership Opportunities

Build, run and grow a profitable business with VIENNA Advantage

“For every decider running business software consultancy firm, the main challenge in the software implementation is to complete the implementation quickly and in an efficient manner so that your resources can be utilized to handle a larger number of clients.”

Not only a strong solution which covers all the necessary features that are required by your customers should be the focus during the evaluation of a good business software application, but also an uncomplicated handling of services to your customers such as implementation, customization and development are important.

The software should provide you with the right tools for implementation, customization, support and development. Along with all those things, a strong licensing model and commission towards partners is essential for adding up a software product into your portfolio.

If you share our vision of helping medium-size companies and enterprises run their businesses better, our Partnership Program is right for you.

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Benefits for partners

We understands the needs of our partners due to the long experience in ERP consultancy


Licensing model

A very attractive licensing model for your customers and you! It will boost your software license revenues as well


Affordable solution

Affordable solution despite a world-class architecture that can easily compete with large market players like SAP and Microsoft.


Partner toolkit

You will gain a complete set of tools in form of “partner toolkit” to ease the providing of services to your customers


Shorter training time

Complete Documentation, Training for your team backed up with recorded sessions available in the partner portal


Develop your own industry template

Liberty to develop your own industry template, based on the solution, and market that to our Partner Network worldwide


Reduce implementation time

Drastically reduce the implementation time and complete more implementations in a shorter time span


Multiple revenue opportunities

Regular Income such as support and service revenues that are annually recurring


Complete documentation

Shorter training time for your employees compared to other solutions in the SME market

Levels of cooperation

Explore the different models of becoming VIENNA Advantage partner

strategic partners erp solutions

Build enterprise applications - with minimum or no coding

For software development companies with old ERP, CRM or other business apps, looking for a platform to migrate, extend, customize and improve their business solutions.

VIENNA Advantage provides an innovative open source web platform for developing business applications. It helps partners to build modules with minimum coding, for rapid development of data-centric business applications.

Experience infinite extendibility, not only by utilizing data dictionary allowing component development without coding, but also by allowing an open-source platform for integration of external codes, reporting components and applications. Web services can be implemented to extend attributes or link it with other systems.

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If you are looking for a robust Business Application Platform to offer to your customers, VIENNA Advantage could be the right choice. Not only is VA a comprehensive ERP and CRM application but combines most of the crucial features in a single platform.

We pay our Consulting partners a very individual attention and work with them closely to lead the partners to success. We share our best practices with the partners and listed to them when it comes to our product roadmap. We also provide them with tools and templates to make their implementations successful. Also we work with you to win new customers in your market.

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Sales Partner

Partners with a strong sales presence in their market who believe in offering a great solution in their market and rely on the VIENNA Ecosystem to provide services can opt to become a Sales Partner. You will get access to our complete library of sales and marketing material. We work with you to prepare individual business cases for your prospects and calculate the total cost of ownership for them. We also get involved in your presales activities and support you to close deals.

Speak to our partner managers today to find out the best model for you.

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Fully supported program

By becoming our partner you will gain access to VIENNA Advantage Partner Portal

All resources under one portal

Whether sales, implementation or support, we support our partners in all stages through our very special Partner Portal. Our partner portal is a source for our partners to find answers to all their questions and help in various situations throughout their engagement with VIENNA Advantage. It holds documents on est practices, templates for their project activities, access to the most important training sessions, access to VIENNA Advantage support and much more. We understand that it is crucial for our partners to get a guidance on the product and best practices so that their engagement can be successful. Hence we believe in sharing our knowledge and experience with them to jointly make an impact.

Become a partner
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