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Works in your Country

Our global ERP suite is designed to fit accounting systems of most countries. It is compliant to IFRS, Indian Accounting Standard and can be audited for compliance to other standards.

Flexible Tax Setup

Our flexible Taxation module allows configuration of region-specific taxes and declaration formats.

Strong Accounting Features

Offers a complete set of features for finance and accounting.

Standard and Custom Reports

VA provides standard financial reports and offers the flexibility to define and create custom reports.

Budget versus Actual

Setup budget at any level for e.g. Organization, Cost Centre, Profit Centre, Project, Campaign and many more; track budget versus actual.

Automated Approvals

Increase your productivity and control with our inbuilt workflow management system that automates tasks and approvals.

Tracks costs of all your products

Calculate the exact cost of your product to you and be able to define your margins on a solid base.


Optimizes your Inventory

Optimize your inventory levels, manage material movements, purchase-to-order, eliminate pilferage, manage internal use & physical inventory changes, inventory valuation and much more.

Empowers your employees

An effective inventory management system results in a lean, empowered & responsible team, delivering consistently.

Reduces your storage cost

A host of inbuilt features help you maintain optimum inventory levels and enhance volumetric utility of your warehouse resulting in reduced storage costs.


Know your exact demand at any time

Track demand, based on the real time demand submission by users or proactive alerts based on minimum stock.

Consolidate your purchases requirements

Group purchase requirements into consolidated orders and reduce administrative cost.

Reduce time to procure

Automate purchases of critical items, using workflow and alerts engine.

Vendor-evaluation & Rating

Automate vendor ratings based on deliveries, quality control, service and other criteria. Define Service Level Agreement for each supplier and compare with actual.

Justify negotiations with facts

Drive negotiations; draw comparisons between your vendors and get quick analytics on vendors and their performances.

Consistent Policies on large and small purchases

Set decision criteria and provide a base for purchase decisions.


Enterprise-wide order-book management

Have a 360° view on all your orders with manual or automatic fulfillment triggers.

Reduce cost per order

Reduce the number of personnel in order fulfillment and reduce the cost incurred per order.

Identify profitable customers and evolve strategies

Run analytics on order management and identify your profitable products, customers. Also identify your weaknesses in the supply chain and design improvements.

Eliminate incorrect shipments

Reduce human entries and reduce incorrect shipments to a minimum.

Improve customer satisfaction

Make many happy customers with quick and correct deliveries.



Maintain Service Level Agreements. Define service level agreements, execute service requests against the SLA, measure sensitivities and non-conformances.

Easy access to support

Provide customers with various support channels such as Email, Phone, Web Portal Login and Web Forms.

Assign Requests to the right people

The automatic routing of service requests eliminates manual work assignment, reduces errors and ensures all tickets are answered.

Escalate where necessary

Set time for auto escalation or escalation based on urgency or SLA.

Quickly access information

Get quick access to customer centric information.

helpdesk and support

Learn from the past

Build a knowledge database based on the tickets answered; use templates to answer tickets and common requests.

Invoice if required

Invoice the customer for services directly based on the tickets if the request are not covered by the SLA.

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Know your customers better

Get a 360° view of your customer, by evaluating and analyzing all data that comes together in your CRM, irrespective of the functional area.

Efficiently Follow-up on your Prospects

Steer and control your sales team across regions, channels and ensure maximum conversion of opportunities to orders.

Get proactive reporting from your system

Set your preferred reports and alerts, get proactive reminders by the system of completed and pending transactions, events, tasks or activities.

Don't forget to periodically Invoice your customers

Generate recurring invoices as per a fixed schedule, Maintain Service Contracts and renew them automatically.

Don't forget to re-invoice your customers

Control recurring Invoicing and Service Contracts by automating subscriptions and invoicing.

Structure your contracts

Define contract templates, manage and review contracts within the system. Use the inbuilt DMS to manage, route and archive the scanned documents.

Run Marketing Campaigns and measure their effectiveness

Plan, budget and execute campaigns right in your CRM system. Track results of your campaigns based on leads, opportunities, sales as well as the cost.

Maintain comprehensive customer information

  • Customer-centric operations
  • Real-time Customer data
  • Customer Locations and Contacts
  • Tracking Customer Activities
  • Customers historical data access for field personnel
  • Consistent pricing
  • Customer-specific pricing & discounts
  • Minimum lead-to-cash cycle-time
  • Manage multiple sales channels
  • Seamless integration to customer portal and E-commerce
  • Product Configuration Management
  • Multiple Pricelists and versions


Scan and attach your receipts

Directly attach scanned receipts and route the documents to the right person.

Generate Invoices automatically

Automatically generate customer invoices with on their specific price lists based on the time and expenses recorded.

Automate approvals using workflow

Route the expense reports to the right approval authorities and save time.

Integrated with Project Management System

VA Time and Expense module in seamlessly integrated with the VA Project Management Module.

Set rules and prices for reimbursements

Set rules and prices lists for reimbursements to internal employees or contractors.

time and expenses

Track time and expenses against assignments and projects from anywhere

Access the web user interface from anywhere, record your time and expenses on projects, against customers.

Generate automatic alerts on deadlines

Never miss a deadline to record time and expenses due to automatic alerts generated by the system.


Calculate the project cost before quoting to the customer

Lay down your project structure and generate automatic quotes or orders based on your project plan.

Build project template and reproduce plans quickly

Use templates to quickly plan and budget projects. Simply select a template in order to replicate the project structure.

Maintain Project Assets

Assign assets to projects and post the depreciation against the project.

Plan and budget your projects with multiple plan versions

Create multiple plan versions at beginning or during the project execution.

Invoice customers based on project status

Automatically generate invoices or orders based on milestones and the percentage of completion.

Structure project milestones, phases, tasks and allocate resources

Do a detailed planning by allocating material, services and resources to tasks, phases or milestones.

project management

Record actual cost, material consumption, resource usage and expenses against projects

Record your actual project activities and consumption from various sources. Run comparisons between plan and actual.

Integrated with Material Management, Purchasing, Accounting and Budgeting

The VA Project Management is seamlessly integrated with all the other VA ERP modules.


Manage service contracts & renewal

Define Service Level Agreements towards your customers and contractors.

Automatic renewal

Set rules and guidelines for automatic renewals and renew contracts automatically.

Manage scope changes and invoice change requests

Define budget for your service projects and track actual versus budget.

Invoicing / Recurring Billing / Running Account Invoice

Generate recurring invoicing automatically, based on service contracts.

Fixed price or Time & Material Projects

Work on fixed price or time and material projects. Automate invoicing.


Manage relationships with your employees

Manage all interactions with employees through various channels. Generate a 360° view of your permanent and contract employees.

Reduce administrative effort

Minimize your administrative work on generating payroll, creating reports for management, archiving and creating documents.

Offer self-services using Employee Portal

Offer a modern and efficient channel to employees for service requests.

Ensure compliance

VA lets you setup your country specific policies in the system and ensures compliance.

Easy Integration with Attendance & Access Control Systems

Integrate with a variety of RFID and Bio-metric devices in order to track time and work.

HR and Payroll

Stay in tune with issues and trends that affect employee relationships

Adopt HR Analytics, set alerts to manage current and upcoming issues more effectively.

Implement employment practices

Roll out your internal policies across organization for each level and increase staff satisfaction.

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Automate complex warehouse operations

Generate automatic pick-list, put-away list and warehouse tasks.

Fully customizable rules engine

Set your storage strategy for products and let the WMS do the rest.

Reduced Warehouse Labor Overhead

Handle more workload with fewer of warehouse resources.

Use devices effectively

VIENNA Advantage is easily integrated with automatic identification & data capture technology such as, bar code / RFID scanners & Printers.

Increased Warehouse Productivity

Eliminate unnecessary administrative activities and focus on productivity.

Manage multiple warehouses with one system

Link various warehouses and their operations with each other, and achieve an efficient supply chain.


Increase accuracy and reduce customer complaints

Pick the right products with clear instructions from the WMS in order and reduce errors.


Material Requirement Planning

Take important make or buy decisions, based on the real material requirement, calculated from real orders or underlying forecast.

Multi-level BOM Management

Define your product BOMs consisting of multiple types and levels of components. Execute product planning of each component of an assembled product with a single click.

Make to Stock or Make to Order

Execute Work Orders based on orders or based on forecast.

Tight Production Control

Track manufacturing of each component through all stages and get real picture of your work order in the manufacturing process. Identify inefficiencies or wastage and design better processes.

Define your own manufacturing process and resources

Setup your own routing sequence, manufacturing resources with setup and execution time. Completely schedule your production process.


Enhanced Cost Management and Reporting

Automatically roll-up cost for each batch or lot. Track the exact manufacturing cost of your goods.


Locate and track your valuables

Know where your assets are located and track each transaction on your assets. Automatically get alerted in case of your choice.

Manage all types of assets

Manage all types of specific assets with all types of attributes such as cars, software, hardware, buildings or licenses.

Know cost of each asset

Allocate expenses and maintenance resource cost to your assets in order to know the exact cost of your assets.

Track life of assets and manage their maintenance

Track the run time of your individual assets, execute maintenance activities automatically using workflow and schedulers.

Manage requests on assets

Implement service requests on assets, manage maintenance tickets and operations.

asset management

Automatic asset-depreciation

Select from various methods of depreciation on assets and automatically generate accounting entries.

Deliver assets to customer or other business partners

Manage assets in possession or assets delivered to customers or other business partners for e.g. for projects.


World Class Document Management System

VIENNA DMS can easily take on any world class Document Management System.

Seamlessly integrated with ERP and CRM

Tightly integrated with VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM.

Intuitive and Easy

An intuitive and easy user interface lets you go live quickly.

Search in content

Support multiple languages, including OCR in more than 25 languages.

Secures your documents

Highly secure documents encryption and role based access.

Increases productivity

Provides role based information and alerts based on documents.

Model your own processes

An enterprise level Business Process Management and Workflow Automation is inbuilt in VA DMS, which automatically routes the documents to their destination.

Finds what you need

A powerful document search engine searches even in the document content and gives you quick results.

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